College Finals: Some Breathing Room, PLEASE?!

*takes breath*

OK, much better. Final exams are the craziest points of the college career. That last two weeks of school, perhaps the craziest point of the year. Football season is crazy because of the constant games, parties, and tailgating. Finals are crazy because people are going without sleep for days on end, studying for exams. Hours of reading until the headache hits. Living off pizza, coffee, Red Bull, caffeine, and for some, the fact that once it’s all over, leave the campus and finally…..breathe.

Going without sleep during this time is SO easy. Book in the face, without a clock near….makes the time go quickly. Next thing a student sees, it’s 3am and the exam is at 8am. Probably 3-5 hours of sleep. It becomes less because of the time spent grooming in the morning. Piece of advice: late night studying may be OK to help digest the material, but staying awake during the exam would really help also. Not saying to get the whole 8 when there’s studying to be done, but stay awake during the test.

In other words, we’re HUMANS, not machines. And to conclude this point because I am about to finish studying for my Accounting final…which is at 7:30pm, FINALS SUCK!!!!!!!!

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