Coach of Ole Miss Fired!

In light of the 2007 season, Coach Ed Orgeron was fired as of today, 11/24/07. A lot weighted in on his removal was the dwindling fan-base, the performance in yesterday’s game, and the overall performance of this season. According to the press conference at, Former Coach ‘O’ will draw a buyout of his contract until December 2009, amounting up to $900,000, which 75% of it will be paid. Pete Boone even said that pay overall has become “astronomical”.

Two weeks ago, the Director and Chancellor were well behind the head coach, but this support was null and void, especially with the overall performance and the performance at the LSU and MSU games.”We needed to change direction”, was one of the many things that Athletic Director Pete Boone said in the press conference concerning Orgeron.

Search for a new coach will commence immediately, but no potential candidate was mentioned at the conference.

Overall: 3-9
SEC Conference: 0-8

+ 75% of $900,000 = Bye Bye Coach “O” 76961218.jpg

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