CLE5 Lyrical Release 7/17

Wednesday marks the release of Chronicles of L.E. Part 5 – Setting the Standard.

Chronicles of L.E. (LosEvolution) is a conclusion of the work  started in Change the Game. The reason that CTG was so short and incomplete was that it was part of this larger work and I wanted my lyrical edge to evolve. It took a long time to get the writing and the material to a point where I felt that it was worth finishing the work.

I wanted to depict a standpoint where I can go between poetry and rhyme, while keeping to a point or a title. CLE5 is a testament of emotion and struggle, one that can be shown as a mind vs heart, logic vs emotion, all in an attempt to further push my rhymes to their limits. Basically, I want to break away from what inspired me, and develop my own niche….my own style. Hopefully with this last part, I managed to pull that off. – L.E.

5 was so difficult that I pushed harder on this one right after CLE3, so this is a month’s worth of lyrics. I’m depicting a completely different story from the others. A preview of it was in CLE4 (well, the writing style). Hope it triggers the same thoughts that it triggered as I wrote.