CLE 4 – Poetic Dedication 6/30/13 Release and CLE3 Thoughts

Working on Poetic Dedication now that CLE3 is off my neck…literally. It was sickening putting 3 together and it really felt like Loose Ends all over again. I may scrap 4 or 5, depending on how this weekend goes in the lab. If it gets poetic, part 4 is going as scheduled, otherwise, I’ll swap.


CLE3 tried to be too much…a flip of the switch album, where I tried to go from spoken word to rhyming. Part 5 will stick where it needs to be….where that is, I’m not sure at the moment. I know I have a better lyrical edge than this, but I don’t know what is holding it back compared to Loose Ends 5, where I feel that I went all out. We’ll see if there’s more in the tank with CLE4 or CLE5.