Battle With Yourself Conclusion – Multiple Handles

Now this one is a little arrogant because of the character I wanted to portray in the verse. Basically it’s this:
I compared multiple names I’ve either been called or I’ve called myself. Each one has a different definition and reason. So I tried to portray all the reasons for each name and the persona I wanted to put behind them. So that’s my conclusion. Each cannot be separate because they are all from one source: LosEvolution. It’s a part of me, whether I reject or deny it. One thing I do have to do is accept. Accept the complexity that is me and live the life that I’m blessed with. It can always be worse. I could not be in control and wind up in a mental facility or somewhere dead. So, I feel fortunate to live life.

Done to All Star’s song, S.T.A.R Lito, here’s the flow, Multiple Handles