Bullying victim’s family sues Joshua schools

Bullying victim’s family sues Joshua schools.



Excuse the emotional outburst, but things like this really get under my skin. People do not know the lasting effects of bullying, what it can do to a person’s self-esteem and outlook on life.


Bullying, honestly, can make a person wish death to escape it because bullying seems inescapable. There are a lot of things that go through a person’s mind after being bullied. Mainly they are questions: Why am I picked on, what can I do to stop it, and how long will it continue?

Usually the best advice is to ignore bullying, but that does not work at times. Sometimes, bullies keep coming until the only option is to lash back. Violence is truly not the answer, but sometimes it can feel like you are in jail. Basically, until you prove you are not a b****, you are one to everyone else.


This poor kid in the article hung himself, taking the ultimate gift of life from himself, his parents, and those who cared for him. When will the excessive bullying stop in the world? Who can stop it? Parents are not doing it, teachers are not preventing it, police are not doing anything to prevent it.

What will it take to see that bullying DOES happen and that it IS a true problem?