Bullying…Sometimes, Ignoring is NOT Enough!

Speaking from one who had to deal with this in the past, sometimes trying to ignore bullies is not enough. Only so much can be tolerated by people, and it has to come out some way. Whether it is violence, anger, poor academic performance, depression, or even self-injury, the effects of bullying will come to light. Courage, self-esteem, and confidence can be preached left and right, but when a person is against insurmountable odds, one can wonder how much pushing will help. Children, especially adolescents, are relentless.

courtesy of ABC News

Mourners at Rutgers University honored the memory of Tyler Clementi, whose death last week was one of five suicides by gay teenagers in the last three weeks.

The 4th death this year because of mere bullying effects. Things like this are a bother. I hate seeing the less fortunate not only being bullied, but driven to this extreme. It is not an easy road, for those who do kill themselves over bullying or even those who got talked out of not doing it.  It still leaves emotional harm, but the aspect of bullying is still the same. There is no reason to bully or insult others, regardless of fun a person finds in someone’s misfortune. Remember: the ones who you insult while you are young may wind up being the boss when you’re old. It’s called being blackballed. It DOES happen.

What is YOUR take on bullying?