Branding Conflict | One Tip To Get Over The Hurdle

Branding is fun. You can experiment with what works and find out what does not work. What if you find a conflict? Here is how to get over it.

Branding is not a one-stop hit and BOOM. It takes time, experimentation, and even a bit of luck to hit the sweet spot. Grab the people, keep the people, then convert. That can be a mantra, and several others may have other opinions. For me, it is a project with each marketing approach.

Right now, I am figuring out my personal brand with my social media approach. Below are the two choices that I am picking from when it comes to branding:

The one on the left has the placement for quotes, questions, marketing call to action, etc, while promoting my Instagram handle and the brand. The one on the right has a bright eye-catching color and centers around the text. I post items around the LosEvolution brand, bible verses for each Wednesday and Sunday, and a few selfies/photos with family.

Branding Performance Approach

Reach of the left post netted me 440 impressions with six actions taken. The one on the left was 436 impressions with two actions taken. The only promotion I have done is through my Facebook and Instagram stories. It is not 100% apples and oranges because the posts may not have come around the same time. Close, but I need to continue to expand the reach, and both are heading in the right direction. More tweaking and experimentation to come.

Jump the Hurdle

One way to jump it is to be consistent. Regardless of which way you take your posts, the one way I have jumped over this hurdle was being consistent with my posts. Do I post everyday? No. But I do have a 8-9pm CST timing where I release posts into the wild. Sundays, I target the crowd after church. Also, I hit the 4 outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Maybe I will generate a crowd off Snapchat and TikTok. Who knows? I do know that each has a different niche and each requires experimentation to find the right branding approach.

I would love to hear yours in the commend below. Let’s build some brands!

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