Blogging as a Hobby and Updates from 7.3

I have finally accepted the fact that I actually like this. Normally, this was a trial thing, but now I’ve decided to make it a permanent thing. LosEvolution was a dream for so long. Now that this dream is a reality, I wonder, “What’s next?”

Well, the next is the continuation of the site, gaining ideas from many sites, especially those pertaining to technology, and the human mind and other things . Prime examples are:, Iker’s TheThinkingBlog, and many others.

This hobby is so acceptable that I can actually make this post….while installing software on a computer. Oh, it just finished. Back to work. Later, world.

Sites I Found while googling today for my subject.

The Taggered Coat
Mondhexe’s Blog – What Kind of Blogger are You?
Becoming a ProBlogger (not quite there yet but I’m trying)

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