Battle Against Yourself Part 2 – Dominating the Game

I hate losing….especially at something that is either 1) perceived as a game or 2) is a game. To me, life was once a game, and I had the controls and all the tactics. I had the cheats and all the tips. I put in this game called ‘LIFE’ and I was winning. I had a cheat that appeared as long as I had faith. Also I had infinite support. So, through each arena and map, I was winning, gaining all the XP (experience points). Then, I was dealt a loss. I lost a few of the support.

The game stopped in my mind, but in reality, it kept going. Multiple adversaries appeared, some drained me, others were easy to dispose of. Some of the adversaries even became friends. Also, I unfortunately went to a location that my support couldn’t follow, but I still had my presumed ‘cheat’. I finally began to realize that the cheat wasn’t a cheat after all. It was merely designed into the game.

So I stopped viewing the cheat as a cheat and as a guide. This guide constanly stayed with me and restored hit points as long as I had faith and believed in his strength. Also, he was an advisor. He taught me the true aspects of life and is still teaching me at this moment. Instead of moving through life, I’ve been standing still for almost 2 years. I only met up with opposition because it came to me. Because of this, I reached an area of being complacent.

To sum it up, the game of life is in reality….not a game. It’s something that can be done only once. Therefore, it should be treated with as much respect as possible.

Live it strong, live it fast, live it hard, and live it true.

Cuz the person who doesn’t will not have a clue.

Life is the struggle, and it takes time

A lot of us call it a struggle, others say it’s a grind

Grind hard everyday……