Battle Against Yourself – Part 1 (High Expectations)


The only one…..Ain’t No one Better…..Perfection is a goal……The world is my oyster…..Just don’t give a ****

Well, look at those conflicting views. Seriously, human conflicts within are common every day. Truth is, it comes out when we try to do the right thing. Sometimes, these conflicts are with others because actions are perceived to not be cool, to be selfish, or to be wrong. It’s an implied opinion on what is right and what’s wrong. The only thing that carries the complete truth on the right or wrong is religion. I would attest to this issue, but I don’t want a religious conflict. So, I’ll take a lower road and approach this with reason and logic.

From a personal standpoint, I’m conflicted on many things. One thing is my perception of myself. I perceive myself to be at my prime, and I do have a sliver of arrogance that desires perfection. It’s called ‘high expectations’ and damn it, mine are higher for myself than the things I expect from others. The only thing I expect from people is human respect. Nothing more, nothing less. Truth is that I’m conflicted on my expectations of myself. I know I’m not perfect, but my desire is to work over my limit, to exceed all expectations and to be the absolute best.

“All I care about is being the absolute best” – The Rock
This quote turned on a light bulb in my mind. I began to push hard and not stop pushing. That is my flaw and a lesson. Things in life should not be pushed. I believe that life is an ocean. Constantly flowing.