Basic Concepts: The Mindframe

The mind frame behind Basic Concepts


It goes in a few directions, where the aggressive Loose Ends side comes, the mellow behind Chronicles of L.E….it’s just a merger of all that. A lot of truth is going to be in Basic Concepts, a lot of my beliefs, and a lot of thoughts on my concepts of life.

Basic Concepts can be described as a narrative change. There are a lot of emotions that I will pour into the lyric and rhyme, which is something that was done in Chronicles 5.

As I wrote half of the lyrics, it was depicted as a story, where I told what I did or said in many of life’s scenarios. In the middle, that changed from a story telling to a shoot-style promo. If you don’t know what a shoot is, click here. The problem with all the others was that I was scared to go from the hip. There was a nice little silencer.

I prefer to hear the bullet…..