At a loss for words”¦

Ever wonder why that gut feeling you had never went away…
Ever wonder why you always say should I go or stay?
Ever wondered why those bad people always get the good breaks?
Ever wondered why you work hard to eat Mcdonalds and spoiled kids always eat steak

Life seems so pointless at times”¦
Why try harder than the next when you seem to be wasting your time?
Good things come and good things go”¦
Why can’t some good things come and stay”¦ we may never know!!

Never have I ever been afraid to take my own shots”¦
Never been afraid to make my own mistakes”¦
Never been afraid to accept my own defeat”¦
But only once in my life have I had to retreat”¦

Retreating to REGROUP”¦ not to give up”¦
Retreating to pull my feet out of the mud where they were once stuck
Retreating to regain strength and determination”¦
Retreating to redefine my own destination”¦

No one said it would be easy”¦
No one said it would not be tough”¦
No one said be careful about your decisions”¦
No one said that I should handle my business with precision!

But learning how to be my own man”¦
And learning how to deal with consequences at hand”¦
And learning how to adapt and adjust”¦
I had to learn how to move fast, and that was a must

Picture all of the money that you have blown”¦
Picture all of the opportunities you let slide by”¦
Imagine all of the dreams that should of came true”¦
Imagine those gray skies turning back blue”¦

See yourself being your own King or Queen”¦
See yourself being loving and kind and not so mean..
See yourself giving GOD his due”¦
Then stop questioning where ya money went when ya bills are due!!

See now I live my life the way I choose”¦.
I have had my fair share of hard times and blues”¦
My life has never been picture perfect”¦
But the things I been through made me a man.. and made it all worth it!

Cause for God I’ll live,
And for God I’ll die”¦
Flying higher than any eagle or any other bird”¦
Looking back over my life leaves me”¦.


written by: Da Good Fella


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