Asked for a Debate, not a Lecture

McCain is behind….he needed a clear victory tonight, despite showing strength. Telling a politician, a competitor, a senator that he doesn’t understand foreign policy was McCain’s defense against Obama. At certain segments of the debate, John McCain seemed to be lecturing Barack Obama instead of debating with him. Obama stood his ground in an issue that critics said that McCain was supposed to clean house in. Instead, it was a crapload of name-dropping by McCain. I could read a wiki and know all those names.

In short, there was only one attack or bash during the debate. OBAMA attacked McCain about the issue with  Iraq. McCain thought it was going to be quick, but as we see, Iraq was not done quickly. It is still being dragged out. There has to be something done, there has to be a change. – Restore America’s Image

Debating of Strategy in Iraq