Aight, it’s Friday morning, 1:30am. And I sit here and think…damn. I really haven’t interjected my voice yet. So, I’m writing, and speaking this ish at the same time. So, if ya wanna know, I am talking right now. It’s like a dictation. So I’m gonna dictate my thoughts right here. Wanna hear em? Good, you gonna hear em anyway.

As I sit with 3 bottles of water and leftover Applebees,
I think of all the ish I did from the birds to the bees,
I thank God for everythang, as I get on my knees,
Because it’s him that I try to please,
Sometimes I fall short, sometimes I hit the mark,
Sometimes I do silly shit, sometimes I play it smart,
As I sit here and talk, I wonder what it is,
What makes me tick, what makes me live,
Is it knowing that I’m a rare breed, a unique person
Living my life behind and in front a brown and gold curtain?
Or it is cuz I live it strong, and I live it for me?
Is it cuz I’m grown, and I say nice stuff to the girls
Or is it cuz I feel like this is my own world?
I’m not arrogant, and the same time I’m confident
I live my life in the open, waiting for all comments
I’m personal and professional, all this at the same time
I have a talent with computers, writing and spitting rhymes
I’m tired of my thoughts, so this enter key I hit.
Then I hit the Publish button….as I sit.