As I Sit (Renegade Thoughts)

I look on my past thoughts, my past writings, and my previous actions to see if they reflect who I am today. Does the same deep thought show? Does the same light shine? Well, one thing is for sure, no point in looking back.

Life is a forward progression, with only two points being definite. June 18, 1986 is the day I was born. And I don’t, nor want to know the date of my death, but it will be etched into a tombstone, with both dates separated by a dash.

– (this dash merely represents what I want to be important. It doesn’t matter what day I was born or what day I will leave, but what does matter is the time that I have.)

I now see how long 24 hours is because I live my life by the second, knowing that I will never get that second back. I now realize that there is ALWAYS time to do anything I want to do. I wanted peace. I now have it. I want education and I will finish it. I want closeness with God and I will strive each day to achieve it. I wanted someone special and I’m overjoyed to say the least.

Ease of mind is where I aim right now, no more doubt or stressing about things happening. “It is what it is” does not apply to me. Life is what I make it.

These are my random thoughts as I sit at my desk on a Sunday, which you now see on Tuesday. Sit and think a little. It brings a lot about life to perspective.