Are You Feeling Tired?

Quote from Life’s Many Lessons

George D. Zgourides and Christie S. Zgourides wrote::  “”¦a pervasive feeling of a total shortage of energy.  If you are able to function at all, it is only due to an immense effort of the will.”, (“Stop Feeling Tired! 10 Mind-Body Steps to Fight Fatigue and Feel Your Best”,)

Site author Pat Brill did a very extensive post on this subject.

Do your thoughts exhaust you?
Yes, they do. I can think of the countless thoughts that are constantly going through my head. Mainly, they are about my life, what I plan to do in the future, and my current situations. Sometimes, these issues are easy to think about. Other times, it is like a gigantic brick hits my brain and stays on it. I don’t know whether it is the thoughts or the amount of pressure put on the thoughts. Either way, it gets exhausting.

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