Apple Scared of White?! HTC and Sony Are Not!

The iPhone 4 may not be in white, but we got two companies who are going for the color!


courtesy of Droid Central
The Evo 4G, Sprint’s latest 4G toy (which won’t get 4G if you’re in 40 of the 50 United States) comes in this pretty white finish. I guess this may help people see the color of the LCD leaks. Either way, the sucker is white.


Well, Sony may be behind the Wii AND the 360 in the console wars of this generation, but this slim little mofo just got a white upgrade! Along with a Hard Drive increase…from 160 to 320! It is true that Sony wants to get the weight up, but the price is still a steep compared to the other consoles. Unless there are some original games that are WORTH biting the Sony bullet, people will still flock to the already white Wii and 360. Sorry, Sony. Get cheaper, not whiter…
So, if it is white, is right? I say if something broke, FIX IT! If you are losing a war, find a weakness and exploit it! #thatisall

That is enough for the tech world today…Bye World.