Admirable Strength

Physical and mental are the two types of strength that are desired.

I know that explosive physical prowess intrigues me. I see myself in my weight-training at a wall, physically. I’m at a point where I’m focusing on explosive strength. For the first time, I truly feel confident about my body especially at my height and weight. I’m not as skinny as I used to be, especially since I took up weightlifting. Though I lifted for strength, size decided to creep up on me. 20lbs over 3 years is downright incredible, especially since I seemed unable to increase my size. And with a bench of 180lbs maximum, I say I’m doing pretty good in the strength department.

Mentally, I can say that I speak with logic and focus. I guess that’s why I look so serious most of the time. I have an unrelenting idea to make sense all the time, to have logic and reason behind my words and actions. I also have a point where I may write a lot of things down, and I post them here because it’s me organizing my thoughts. I admire strong thinkers and people who have not only intellect, but wisdom as well.

What type of strength do you emphasize?