What I am doing is a revamp of my writing style. Most of my poetry and freestyle has an attachment to myself. For the first time, I am going to detach myself from my words.

What I am writing are two “Acts”, poems in a story format. It places a renegade man in a fight to not give up in his search for peace. Along the way, there are eyes watching, opinions formed, pain received, pain given, and things which can happen in his walk of life.

I love how Facebook imports my blogs as notes, so I put two things on my status, generating ideas about the verses: “Feels as if I slighted”, and a lyric from Mercy Drive’s song “Burn in my Light”

Both acts will evolve around these two ideas and many others. I’m really inspired by T.I., John Cena, and a lot of poets, so many I cannot name.

This is big, this is real…this is a story….curtain’s up…..begin the act…