I generally speak to 80% of the people I see.
Honestly, I think someone told me once before to always acknowledge the presence of someone. It is a respect thing. I generally don’t care if anyone speaks back, I just cannot make eye contact without saying something or politely nodding my head. It is not a sign of weakness, it is just respect.

I generally do it because I think some people walk around and no one even notices them. Trust me, you are noticed and someone is always watching. They just do not have the courage to say they are watching. It is a genuine thing when I say “Hi, Hey, What’s Up, How are you, You good” or when I wave or shoot the deuces. I’ll take time out of what I am doing to show anyone respect because in order to get respect, it has to be shown.

I acknowledge the world because a small fraction of it acknowledges me.

I acknowledge the world because I am in it.

I acknowledge the people because I am not above them. I am one of them.