A Voice, A Vision, and Raw Emotion

For two years, I have placed many words and wrote so much. I now see what this has truly become. As I’m now attached and enticed by writing, this year’s crown jewel is entitled, A Voice, a Vision, and Raw Emotion. Unlike last year with The Renegade, I won’t detach myself from this one. It is 6 poems, 3 written today, and 3 finished works that never posted.

Confessions of the Chaser – Yes, I chase a lot of things in my life and sometimes I get them…sometimes, I don’t

Deceived by My Eyes – Sometimes, your vision must become clear….

They Say Maury – Letting the words flow, not caring which ones I used, so it ended up a little vulgar and full of a lot of impulsive emotion.

Mr. I-Phi – The Check Cutta – Just me trying to flow off Shawty Lo’s beat.

Sometime vs All the Time – A take on consistency

Untouchable – simple and plain