A Look Inside [MLW]LosEvolution – The Gamer Part 1: The Introduction

Picture a kid sitting in front of a 13 inch TV, controller in hand, the world shut off around him. The focus deep into whatever game is on the screen. A multitude of thoughts going through his head. This is the thought and dream of Carlos Maury, LosEvolution.

All I had to escape the bullies, inferiority in size and strength, and depression was a video game. True enough, the family was my soundboard, but gaming was my real escape. I bounced back and forth throughout all genres for many years, ranging from Mario to Call of Duty. My goal was to be an expert in strategy, incredible in ability, and amazing in talent. Point blank, I wanted to be great, and I still do. Casual gaming is no longer me anymore, especially since I treat it as a part-time gig. At least 4 hours a day are spent gaming, and 2 of them, I’m in a practice/combat training room, grooming my abilities, and wanting to become a more serious and competitive gamer.

Throughout the duration of this series, I will depict it in 5 parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Adventure & Action/Adventure
  3. First Person Shooters
  4. Fighting
  5. Competitive Torch

Stay tuned…Maybe I’ll even give a vid or two.