9/11 – Where Were You?

-image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Today, we, as a nation, a free world, take a few moments to reflect on what is recent history. This day, 12 years ago, tragedy hit the United States, sparking a war on terror which caused hundreds of thousands of dollars, many lives of military personnel, and much more. That was over time.

This day, however, we honor and reflect on the nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11, the day terrorist attacks spurred two other long-running conflicts in the Middle East.


On 9/11/01, I stood in history class, decked out in my ROTC uniform. Once I walked in, I saw this on her television and her computers. Instantly I was glued because of something I thought to be impossible; a terrorist attack on the United States.

I was walking in a classroom while many were being crashed and/or buried to their deaths. Something this unfortunate shows the delicacy of life and its point of history. I’ll never forget where I was and every emotion felt during this day. Where were you on this unfortunate date?

Visit the memorial website, http://www.911memorial.org/.