5/25/07 – Read o’ the Week

“Former US president Jimmy Carter unleashed a torrent of criticism against George Bush and Tony Blair over the weekend, in which he accused the Bush presidency of being the “worst in history” and said Mr Blair’s support had been abominable and subservient”

OK, not going to say the WORST in history, but he’s the worst I have seen. I’m young enough to remember him and the former president, Bill Clinton. Let’s put it this way, I never thought that at the age of 20, gas would break my pocket. I thought it would be credit cards, college tuition, or even alcohol. Tuition is paid, credit cards are not a worry, and I don’t drink, but I have to go places in my ride.

The U.S. War on Terror hasn’t done much, but caused many Americans their lives. I’m not one for war talk, so I’ll leave this post at that.

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