Take away the nil, make the 2 of spades & diamonds the 2nd highest pair of cards in the deck, remove the 2 of clubs and hearts, the 100 point bag penalty, add some sh*t talking, and what do you have? Our version of Spades!

  1. 52 cards…..divide that by 4 and you got every card in the deck 4 trumps (2 of Spade & Diamonds and 2 Jokers) and 4 of each card from 3 to Ace. Keep a sensible count and you’ll know how many is being played and can (somewhat) predict a cut.
  2. Spades are like bullets: deadly when fired
  3. When score is in doubt, all it takes is 7 books to win a hand.
  4. Avoid the scenario of someone cutting behind you. It rarely goes well.

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