5 Positive Thoughts About Technology

Have fun with technology. It should not be frowned upon!

I’m pretty positive when it comes to computers. I always have been. I always have two policies when it comes to my repair attempts and usage:

  1. When in doubt, have a back up.
  2. There is always the wipe/reinstall disk.

With these two things in mind, I plunged myself in to the world, and I did not look back. I’m going to sell the concept about positive thinking with the tech world.

  1. It is not going anywhere.
    Ok, this one is more neutral than positive, but it is also the truth.
  2. The Internet exists because of multiple computers.
    You know the way you look at random websites online to occupy time? The online games played while you are supposed to be working? That random site you go to when you want a kick? Yes, it is housed on some type of server.
  3. It is fun.
    Apple’s iPhone and the HTC Hero have made technology fun over the past few years. I know a guy who will say “I got an app for that” for any question asked of him.
  4. It is cheap.
    Over the past 5 years, computers have become a dime a dozen. Companies such as TigerDirect have sales on laptops practically on a daily basis.
  5. Online Sales
    Ebay is the bomb. End of story.

That sums up a lot of the positive aspects of technology. If you got more, definitely leave comments!!!!!