4/5/07 – Resulting in Hilarity..

Resulting in Hilraity, if that is a word, lol. All the funny shit I read today, since it was the only thing keeping me awake.

“******Hater’s Poem******
As I Lay me down to sleep I ask them b*t*hes WHY hate on me. Why they smile in my face and hate behind my back. Dam*, I swear one of these b*t*hes goin get smacked. I’m on their mind mornin, noon, and night. They turn green with envy when I come into sight. As soon as I walk in the room, whispers start. I hope they don’t think they puttin fear in my heart. I tell em don’t hate the player hate the game. Cuz the word constantly comin out everybodies mouth is my name. Some want me, some hate me, but the truth is they all love me cuz if they didn’t they wouldn’t spend so much time thinking of me. So step yo game up and get like me…
Pass it on the your TOP TEN Most Hated Niggaz/Bitches”

Now this one may offend a lot of religious people, but it was kinda funny how SouthPark always pushes the envelope.

South Park Clip on YouTube