Choosing a niche and sticking with it……

It’s kinda difficult, especially when being diverse in writing and emotions. As I continue my idea of LosEvolution, the site and the person, that makes choosing a niche difficult.

There’s current events. Making yet ANOTHER place to see current news, etc. MSNBC, CNN, and any other news site have already done it and are still doing it. LosEvolution is not a newspaper, though delivering the best content is the top priority.

Becoming a download mirror. Another link to the Internet world of free/shareware., SourceForge, and other good mirrors are great sites for that already. OK, I don’t want to be like Netscape & Digg. See the similarity? Netscape is Digg’s clone, pretty much. Unique reflection: a goal by a site designer and a person.

Writing poetry…
Despite the fact that I’m a decent poet, all I have to say

Keep the niche together with computer tips, etc. There’s Digg’s Technology section, BlackViper, DaniWeb, TweakXP, and other websites where I grab all my tips and techniques from. Also there’s always good ol’ Google. It saved my own computer in many situations. Also there’s Maximum PC.

Well, that is the gist behind my thoughts of choosing a niche to tailor my site/blog to.

So my decision comes to this: I am a computer user/technician/programmer/tweaker. I also have skills in poetry and being analytical with my thoughts and opinions about stuff. Therefore, I chose 5 major categories on my site to blog in. Personal, Poetry, Site Updates, Technology, and World News. There will be a few random posts here and there, of course.