3/19/07 – Legend of Los, Late Night Heat

Released Rage

It’s just some heat that I had to spit. I know the first lines were a little rude, but it’s what I feel at times.

I feel like truly exploding and just losing all containment and control, but I know that it is not right. A lot of people say a person may need to bite his or her tongue at times. Honestly, the tongue gets tired of bite marks to a certain extent. Mine just got tired, that’s why I wrote this rhyme. I really do hate how some people always talk dumb shit and speak of that petty shit. Honestly, there is a point that guys actually gossip more than women. It’s an annoyance, that’s for sure. Then again, gossip itself is an annoyance.

I did the rhyme off Yo Gotti’s “That’s What’s Up”, beat. The final verses were basically from a side of me that I realize is the true side of me. I like the compassion, the soft-heartiness, any form of respect that I can show to anyone. My grandparents were instrumental in teaching me that way of life.