30 Things I Learned from Wrestlemania – 4/6/14

  1. If you’re gonna stretch someone, be quick, otherwise he becomes WWE Champion.
  2. Daniel Bryan is indeed The American Dragon. Look it up.
  3. Shao Kahn got a run for his money with Triple H’s entranace.
  4. Triple H, your 2014 heel is salty, compared to your original heel.
  5. Batista, quit botching. You hit Daniel Bryan in the head with that spear.
  7. AJ made Naomi tap…literally.
  8. Uso’s should’ve been on the show instead of that 3 minute Shield match.
  9. Undertaker, it was the coat.
  10. Pound for Pound, Cesaro is indeed the strongest man in the WWE.
  11. John, zip your jorts next time.
  12. The Rock, Hogan, and Austin…at once, downing beers. Only at Wrestlemania.
  13. At the Royal Rumble, Kofi will stand on top of someone’s head to avoid being eliminated.
  14. 75000 people got put to silence at one moment.
  15. Silverdome will be the main botch at the Superdome.
  16. Cena had a typical entrance?! No 30 Cenas?!
  17. WWE Network needs to partner with Micrsoft to fix the lag. Sony got this shit down packed!
  18. Triple H went for that crossface more times than Mr. T said the word, ‘Mama’ at the Hall of Fame.
  19. Stephanie forgot her signature pants for her pants suit.
  20. Even the Undertaker was disappointed.
  21. So, Brock needs to be on EVERY RAW, Smackdown, NXT, etc for that victory. No more part time BS.
  22. WWE will need a new conscience and face with the streak ending.
  23. I’d settle for a double countout or neither answering a 10 count than an Undertaker loss.
  24. Part-Timers and retired wrestlers saved 80% of this show. A sign, WWE.
  25. Ok, everyone wanted in since there wasn’t going to be any PPV buys.
  26. Brock, a part time executive is in better shape than you. GET IT TOGETHER!
  27. The Austin/Hogan faceoff made over half of the show seem small.
  28. No one cared after an F5
  29. I feel a sense of deja vu. 10 years ago, another wrestler deserved the victory.
  30. #ThankYouTaker