30 Things I Learned from Empire – 3/18/15

Empire Season Finale – Die But Once/Who I am aka Jamal Sasses All

  1. Keem and Lucious have the same taste in women.
  2. Hakeem got a thing for them older ladies!
  3. Falcon….PUNCH!
  4. Don’t mistake homosexuality for being soft.
  5. Porsha, you fired.
  6. At the end of the day, it’s about legacy.
  7. Snoop Dogg…timeless in flow, looks, and age. Man looked the same since Chronic 1!
  8. Is it truly Andre’s conviction to religion or the tight dresses he sees Michelle wearing?
  9. Jamal throws shade, punches, people, and verses.
  10. Mark your territory.
  11. Lock doors when sleeping so no one can witness you sleep-talk.
  12. When you’re given a 2nd chance at life, laugh your ass off!
  13. Who said, “Get em”, when Lucious said, “Whoop the trick?”
  14. Find a common ground with someone and you’ll find respect.
  15. Let go of all someone did, especially when it’s for a greater purpose.
  16. Sometimes, it’s not the physical cheating that hurts the most.
  17. That damn remix party was hype.
  18. Cookie didn’t realize that Lucious house is the Dolby sound…’All around you.’
  19. Them pearls ran and chick got choked!
  20. So, where’s the jet?
  21. Melissa had that, “OMG look on that stage with them girls dancing!”
  22. Titan the resident hype man for Empire. Where your bars bro?!
  23. Sylvester Stallone needs to come kick this Black Rambo guy’s ass for disrespecting the Rambo name.
  24. End anything in the world with a lyrical, ‘bitch’ and it’s gold!
  25. At the end of the day, snitches get stitches or smack in the head with candle holders.
  26. Who knocked up Rhonda?!
  27. That Michael Jackson influence!
  28. We’ve been waiting the whole season for this fight and all we got were drinks and pearls!
  29. So, everyone is against Jamal, since he went from bottom to top? Ok.
  30. Star witness is dead, so charges won’t stick. Game on, bitches! Lucious about to whoop a trick.