2/23/07 – Not One of My Best Days

Damn weather and its unpredictability, made me a little under the weather (no pun intended). So, handled business as usual, had a quiz, took an exam, went to work, and about 12:50, I was like “screw it.” I felt like crap most of the day, so I crashed about 4pm and woke up again about 6. It’s really abnormal for me to sleep during the day and to be sick for that matter. I was just laying down in the bed and next thing you know, I’m out like a light. After that nap, I rolled to this LAN party at the computer lab, and played a little CounterStrike: Source. It was fun, I played for a few hours. So here I am, blogging and playing Capcom vs SNK 2: EO at home.


Here are two shots of my desktop, before and after cleanup. And yes, I did a printscreen of my desktop cuz I was bored. I’m using a theme called Edisso, and the wallpaper came with the Vista Transformation Pack for Windows XP.