2/17/07 – Just Being

Today is lazy day, damn it! I don’t feel like doing shit to be honest, so I’ve been sitting back, playing videogames and reading pretty much.
My wireless mouse has been acting very shitty with me for the past couple of days, so I had to put the receiver on the top of my printer to have better reaction time, especially while gaming.

The Cost of Leaving Your PC On

This kinda made me wonder about my own laptop. I do leave it on constantly. Example: my computer says my logon date was 2/16/07 at 6:17am, meaning the laptop has been on over a day so far. I don’t know, I just get used to it being on constantly. This was an interesting read though, with a lot of calculations and such.

God, I love the StumbleUpon plugin for Mozilla Firefox, it helps with the boring web browsing. Anyway, stumbled onto this webpage about Photoshop. Maybe I’ll be able to work some magic, lol.

Ok, done for now, later world.

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