21/42 – Girl, You Were Right…But It Was Fun!

Go through your wall posts and list the last 21 people to post on your wall. Do not list any repeats; simply go to the next name in the list. Then answer the 42 questions pertaining to the 21 names. When you’re finished, tag all 21 people on the list (and anyone else you mentioned or want to tag), so the cycle can continue.

1. Robin Rene Russell
2. Austin Teyon Wyatt
3. Tiffany Moore
4. Tiffany Slaughter
5. Steve Jenks
6. Tiffany Stewart
7. HD Da CameraMan
8. Marsha Jenkins
9. Chantell Ducksworth
10. Willie Haynes
11. Akeele Smith
12. Munita Stanfield
13. Martin Bauer
14. Kiara Smith
15. Brandon Bacon
16. Devin Hayden
17. Cassie Lang
18. Mandi Brocklehurst
19. Sunil Puthan
20. Antoinette Moulds
21. Renee Bienvenu

1. How did you meet 1? In my many adventures as an IT Specialist

2. What would you do if you’d never met 14? Be very pissed cuz I didn’t meet Ki-Ki

3. Would you date 20? Best…4 months…ever

4. Have you ever seen 8 cry? Nah

5. Would 3 and 13 make a good couple? 3 is married. out of the question

6. Describe 9. Cool as hell! I remember the Walk-a-Thon (WE WERE STILL FIRST!)

7. Do you like 16? Yeah, had a lot of fun judging the step show for him

8. Do you think 19 is attractive? Don’t judge guys in that way

9. When was the last time you talked to number 6? Been awhile since we talked in person

10. Would you ever date 7? He’s a guy, so ain’t happenin.

11. Where does 15 live? Oxford, MS

12. What is the best thing about 21? Nice personality, been a while since I’ve seen her.

13. What would you like to tell 18 right now? Mandilou!

14. What is the best thing about 10? 10 is awesome! He’s my cousin!

15. Have you ever kissed 12? No.

16. What’s the best memory you have of 11? My last conversation with her after becoming an Iota

17. Is the person who tagged you in this memo one of the 21 people in your note? No (I’m sad, Brittney J!)

18. Is 4 pretty? Yep

19. What was your first impression of 3? “Ok, so she’s an Iota Heart? Cool.”

20. Is 5 a best friend? That’s my frat right there! Steve is the ish!

21. Have you seen 16 in the last month? Yeah, Nu Theta Step Show

22. When was the last time you saw 14? Yesterday, during the Union Unplugged

23. Have you been to 21’s house? No.

24. When’s the next time you’ll see 10? Ya never know when a Haynes would pop up

25. Are you really close to 1? She says I’m the Boo C, lol

26. Would you give 20 a hug? Sure, she likes the hugs

27. Have you ever been to 17’s house? No

28. Do you know a secret about 5? If I told, then it wouldn’t be a secret

29. Describe the relationship between 14 and 19? They’re human

30. What’s your friendship like with 6? Class of 04, nice friend

31. Have you ever danced with 18? No

32. How do you know 21? Took a class together

33. Does 2 have a bf? Of course not

34. Have you ever wanted to punch 4 in the face? No

35. Has 12 met your mother? No

36. Have you ever ridden anywhere with 5? No

37. If you gave 7 $100, what would they spend it on? Something for Ammaco TV

38. What’s your best memory of 15? She lived upstairs from me and was always nice.

39. What is the one thing you most want 8 to know? Thanks for laughing at my jokes!

40. What was the last thing you did with 3? sent a facebook congrats on joining Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

41. When did you meet 20? In June, at the Turner Center

42. What do you wish for 11? That everything goes well for her.