2010 – Proclaim It

First off, Happy New Year world!

If you have resolutions, keep em. If you decided to change your life, change it. If you decided to gain or lose weight, do it. If you decided to remove people, remove em. If you decided to get close, get closer. The thing about a new year, we all say, this gonna change, that gonna change. We hit it hard for about a week, even a month. After that, we fall into the same little trap, December comes, and we are talking about the same thing again. The reason I say this is to make a point. 2009 didn’t waste no time. I’m not doin the same crap again in 2010. This is going to be my year. It is going to be huge. Gigantic. Really, really, really, really…………………..


Proclaiming the Reign