Wow….I had started this on on May of this year. I don’t know, this was around final exams, so probably the reason I didn’t finish it.

Anyway, here’s some thoughts…..and a new freestyle.

I noticed a lot about the things written, the things done, and the things said. Face it, we all have our things we regret. The things we done that weren’t exactly….perfect. Well, my problem is that we, as humans, are not only our own worst critics but we make ourselves to be other people’s critics as well. The things we done may seem small to others but huge in our own hearts and conscience. I guess this is what it means when a person cannot pass judgment down on another.

Weird thought…..anyway, here’s some lyrics I wrote on it. Check it out. I Bury It (Say Hey)

Based off Say Hey by GMBProductionz (shout owt to Ammaco TV for promoting this track. It is indeed a movement.)