WWE Wrestlemania 32 – Silence is Golden

  1. Brock Lesnar is a video game boss.
  2. There’s more spots in this match
  3. KO Mania is real.
  4. 101,000 cell phones. To hell with lights.
  5. Super Saiyan New Day!
  6. It can be the year 3000, but you hear glass shatter, just hit the deck.
  7. Stone Cold is not booty.
  8. DAT Pyro Budget!
  9. Not even The Rock can get Roman over.
  10. Roman Reigns silenced you. Completely.
  11. Is it over?
  12. Not even a spear to this Beyonce wanna be will help.
  13. Is it over?
  14. Kick em in the nuts? We still hate Roman.
  15. It’s now over.