15 Things I Learned from WWE Survivor Series 2014

Free Survivor Series PPV….So was it worth every penny invested or nah?

  1. When I get in my mid 70s, I want hair like Vince…and I’m bald.
  2. Sorry, Stephanie, you’re no longer Daddy’s little girl.
  3. Team Ziggler! Dolph pulling this off was the prize for losing the title.
  4. Big Show just said screw it and knocked out the first victim.
  5. NO ONE CARES unless it’s Damien Mizdow!
  6. Usos using John Cena’s old shirt color as sweat rags.
  7. Bray vs Dean…a promotion match for TLC.
  8. The Divas Championship will always be lost with a kiss.
  9. Triple H marked out himself when Sting came out.
  10. No t-shirt this time, Sting. We want the real icon!
  11. Steph, you still got money. Chill out!
  12. Cena now has the authority to bring back Authority.
  13. Stephanie is crying in Daddy’s lap. This is why we didn’t get our promised reaction.
  14. No RKO in St. Louis? Guess it’s really not out of nowhere.
  15. Dolph Ziggler took a page out of HBK’s book by eliminating people when being the last person on a team.

Damn, I’m slipping. Only 2 matches successfully predicted?! TLC is going to be better!!