15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 2/5/15

WWE Smackdown 2/5/15 – WWE RAW’s Repeat

  1. Lose Monday, lose Tuesday. Oops, meant Thursday.
  2. So, do J&J equal two people or one?
  3. Seth Rollins is a babysitter, not a boss.
  4. Ziggler is Little Big Ziggy and Ryback is The Big Guy.
  5. Speak of the Deadman and he shall appear.
  6. I thought that a casket match ends a feud.
  7. Crazy doesn’t care about what type of news you have.
  8. Someday, a rose will drop its dud.
  9. MizTV got Reign-ed on, but we still are not convinced.
  10. Why isn’t Rowan getting the victories?
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, my client doesn’t do taped TV.
  12. Either double duty, boring rivalry, or a handicap match. Daniel Bryan is more used than a used car.
  13. Fandango gets a match on Smackdown, while we don’t get the Swiss Kid tag team?!
  14. Sin Cara’s nudge is now over.
  15. Axel-Mania? Don’t be surprised if he misses even the preshow booking.