15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 1/9/15

WWE Smackdown 1/9/15 – The Friday Signoff

  1. Bell salute?! No.
  2. Roses don’t like the new day.
  3. Roman’s writer was watching cartoons before writing those promos.
  4. Bad News Barrett botched his match. He wasn’t supposed to lose.
  5. Ascension still hasn’t ascended.
  6. The Shield 66 and 2/3s!!!
  7. So, what are the 3 ‘fired’ wrestlers doing now?
  8. Oh, Seth, you are far from done with Ambrose!
  9. Seth Rollins is 3 people.
  10. The Authority utilized all the budget, so they couldn’t attend Smackdown.
  11. If Seth’s music glitches in the intro, will he stay behind the curtain waiting for the beat drop?
  12. Bray, you were staring into the abyss of lunacy fighting Ambrose.
  13. So, since Sandow gets cheered, does that makes him a good or bad stunt double?
  14. See you Thursdays! Don’t blow it, WWE. My Scandal fans will have Olivia Pope fix the show.
  15. Big Show, we’re not doing the comparison. You’ve been knocked out one too many times by the Superman Punch.