15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 1/22/15

WWE Smackdown – 1/22/15 aka Budget Cuts are Over and More Interference Than a Football Game

  1. Brock Lesnar’s budget wore out, so Ryback and crew came back.
  2. Ryback went to promo school!
  3. Remember, put the word ‘Vigilante’ in front of the word, ‘Sting.’
  4. Ziggler gonna Zig Zag over the entire WWE.
  5. Daniel Bryan’s beard has more courage than Seth Rollins.
  6. Watch out, Seth Rollins. Brock Lesnar is going to toss you.
  7. New employee does not equal rehired employee.
  8. Bad News got some bad news.
  9. AJ Lee’s comment on the Bellas and the lack of talent….it keeps running true.
  10. I’ll keep my set of eyes, Luke Harper.
  11. Miz, the people still don’t like you.
  12. Sandow returns in the Royal Rumble.
  13. Put a lunatic in with more people.
  14. Booking is confused as much as I am.
  15. Big Show, you’re appearing little in this whole Authority game.