15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 1/2/2015

WWE Smackdown’s list got an upgrade….does that say the same about the show?

  1. Don’t believe that two superstars that involved in separate rivalries will have a clean match.
  2. Noble and Mercury are what Pluto is to the solar system.
  3. All this time, Mercury cannot cut a promo. Agent job evaluation.
  4. The Russian Flag does not equal Undertaker’s gong.
  5. The Ascension still needs to ascend.
  6. R-Truth got to team with a brother or two. It’s a rare thing.
  7. Smackdown had fewer people wrestling than a TNA show.
  8. So, where’s the Authority? We do know the show is taped a day after RAW.
  9. Apparently the WWE writers wrote this out of their ass….wait, that’s RAW. This is the left over shit from the shit.
  10. Axel vs Ambrose was faster than Axel’s push.
  11. WWE can afford ambulances consistently?
  12. What do you do with a crappy promo? Add crappy CGI crap.
  13. Of course, The Ascension will look impressive against people we don’t know.
  14. Cesaro/Kidd finish…The Swiss Kid.
  15. New Year, same crappy booking.