15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 1/15/15

WWE Smackdown 1/15/15 aka Daniel Bryan’s Movement Resumes

  1. Paul Heyman can talk his way out of Hell.
  2. Back to the basics, Daniel Bryan pulling double duty.
  3. 100 bucks says Reigns eliminates the Big Show.
  4. Dean Ambrose is disruptive, period. Forget class.
  5. Naomi proves her abilities nightly, but doesn’t have a title?
  6. Royal Rumble entrant advertising is addicting.
  7. Paige is proving to be more competent than Tyson at ringside.
  8. Sin Cara, you gotta make more people smile. You’re so close to the IC title.
  9. All things come to pass, even the Authority…again.
  10. Paul Heyman better watch himself, he’ll talk his way into the Beast’s path.
  11. Brock Lesnar’s double RAW appearance was costly enough. NO WAY he’s going to be on Smackdown!
  12. Daniel Bryan out the Rumble would go back to the original plan: Roman Reigns winning.
  13. Where is a RKO when you need one?!
  14. J&J Security can be fired and the cash paid for their main event non-wrestling spots can be used to hire…well, anyone better.
  15. New night, new theme, new pyro, but no New Day?! Guess we weren’t so high on the dancing and singing.