15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 2/2/15

WWE RAW 2/2/15 aka Damage Control

  1. WWE, take notes. This is how you make an announcement.
  2. Of course, the Authority will not have a problem with the Authority.
  3. Roman Reigns, this is what happens when you’re not Daniel Bryan.
  4. Seth is still overstepping his boundaries.
  5. Damage control. The fans were going to riot!
  6. Curtis Axel was finally eliminated.
  7. Someone should’ve thrown a firecracker at the Wrestlemania 32 sign for Axel.
  8. Superman got a shiner.
  9. Did Mizdow get demoted for being good?
  10. Bray is seeking out the Deadman.
  11. I still haven’t confirmed that the US Title is up for grabs.
  12. Cody Rhodes is coming back.
  13. Careful, Hunter, you don’t want to mess with The Rock.
  14. Commercial break was put in by accident.
  15. J&J Security is really trying to prove their salaries.