15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 2/16/15

WWE RAW 2/16/15 – The Return of Ruthless Aggression

  1. Even Superman has his buttons.
  2. Ambrose in a suit = classic!
  3. Star/Cody/Rhodes/Dust is having an identity crisis.
  4. Being banned from ringside has no relevance.
  5. Sometimes, kayfabe needs to be adhered to, but not concerning living/dying of legit family.
  6. So, Triple H has told the truth, finally. He IS WWE.
  7. Autograph signing = match distraction?
  8. Someone needs to take Miz’s bell and shove it!
  9. Darren Young knows he was worth millions with Titus.
  10. What is Rollins’ accolades, aside from being two-toned?
  11. When we saw the Bellas with Paige’s ring gear, we all had hope…and we got rosebud. I’ll take it.
  12. Bryan can put the Yes-Lock on a tree trunk!
  13. Reigns always gotta get his lip busted.
  14. Take notes, TNA! Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns can brawl.
  15. Hair whip vs two fingers! Who will win? Watch Fast Lane!