15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 1/5/15

The Authority is back, and all is well on WWE RAW…for them.

  1. When in doubt, repeat last year story lines.
  2. John Cena Appreciation Night? I remember ‘The Rock Appreciation Night.’ It was funny.
  3. Frowning gives you lines….red ones.
  4. Dolph Ziggler told the creative team, “Eff you, I’m winning.”
  5. Roman Reigns really believes he’s Superman.
  6. The Ascension isn’t really ascending to anything.
  7. So, does Russia have Santa?
  8. Steel steps have been falling on people lately.
  9. We had budget for PYRO?!
  10. Kane has selective memory.
  11. Cesaro and Tyson are roseduds.
  12. Stephanie needs to take tips from Vince in that delivery.
  13. I wouldn’t want to be involved in the next Survivor Series.
  14. Stuff breaks when Ambrose is around.
  15. We had a video package, pyro, and John Cena not smiling the whole show. Someone HAD to be fired!