15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/8/14

WWE RAW – The Slammys aka Scripted Polls

  1. Titus tried to get play and failed.
  2. Seth Green, Ryback eats chicken bigger than you.
  3. I was so wrapped in the Slammys that I forgot that this was the go-home for WWE TLCs…then I saw the end matches.
  4. TLCs was marketed by the WWE RAW Superstars. No other promotion required.
  5. Dean Ambrose Moving Crew is a 1-man crew and open for business!
  6. WWE is starting to take notes…from the SparkNotes version of the @wwecreative_ish Twitter stream.
  7. Adam Rose and The Miz have a common issue: The comic relief makes them look comedic.
  8. Smoke out of an ambulance? They were in the hospital the Joker blew up.
  9. King needs to be careful. He could be @CM Punk‘s opponent in the octagon.
  10. FAANNNNDAAAAAA-GO get relevant. Even Jericho is hating the job he did for you at WM.
  11. One of these days, Dolph Ziggler is going to hurt himself…wait…I mean hurt himself badly…wait, nevermind.
  12. The New Day proves that if WWE wants you to dance, then you shall dance.
  13. Sting shocks with one move….and it takes others 8599253732909754339237 moves to even hear more than a pin drop.
  14. Please someone feed Ryback!!!
  15. I was waiting for Charlotte to do a low blow during her match, lol. WOOOO!!!!

Now, let’s get that PPV prediction track record back up!!!!