15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/22/14

WWE RAW 12/22/14 aka Ho-Ho-Holy Crap

  1. Ryback in a sideways bow made Rusev look sideways.
  2. Santa got on shades? He’s prepped for Mississippi weather.
  3. Cena, careful with that shining. The Rock will soon want to have another word with you.
  4. Jack Swagger apparently pissed someone off to lose to Faaaaannnn…..crap.
  5. Soon a bunny will hit a rose.
  6. The christmas tree got a more positive reaction than The Miz.
  7. Ambrose does not care about wins and losses.
  8. TLC Christmas?
  9. Establish relevance by having headphones and bumming off your wife’s success.
  10. Lana needs a color change with her outfits.
  11. Next week, Big Show will flip the barricade.
  12. We are not going to get impressed at John Cena lifting two people who collectively weight only 50 pounds more than he does.
  13. Seth Rollins really really really….believes in Santa.
  14. The briefcase has been through too much. Cash it in already.
  15. Jerry Lawler can win the ugly sweater, shirt, and suit contest with that monstrosity he had on tonight.

Merry Christmas world!