15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/15/14

WWE RAW – aka Beast, Reigns, & B-List

  1. Becoming an agent gets you more airtime then people who actually wrestle?
  2. TUG OF WAR?!
  3. Lesnar forgot the belt. That title was from the sale stand.
  4. Miz, quit messing with the wife.
  5. Seth Rollins sees no one but himself.
  6. Cena winning the RAW after a PPV? Come on now!
  7. Lesnar = budget cuts source.
  8. Fandango is polling for a Wrestlemania match.
  9. Rollins is an orphan without his mommy and daddy. Hopefully his brother will come back and RKO him.
  10. Tyson got distracted by Nikki’s Bellas.
  11. Jericho saw Lana’s Instagram pics.
  12. Ryback eats Russians.
  13. Lesnar broke Jericho’s code.
  14. Pretty boys can fight too.
  15. I don’t know who are the bigger fools: WWE’s creative team or the writers of Sorority Sisters.

Maybe I’m running out of steam. NAH! See y’all Friday!!! Yep, I’m covering Smackdown this week!